Sales increased 4-fold during the first 7 months following the redesign of online store, while the website traffic remained unchanged. A further 100% sales growth was achieved over the next year of project work



Create a flower producer’s website for foreign partners


Create an online store with due consideration of wholesale specifics


Provide technical support for online projects on a regular basis

What has been accomplished

A multilingual corporate website was created with the aim of presenting the company to foreign customers.

The information structure of online store was developed and implemented.

We implemented a set of features intended for both retail and wholesale customers with an option to download the up-to-date price list including company’s product range and latest prices.

We also created an option for independent moderation of web pages of company’s retail stores. As a result, each store has its own unique web page for publishing special offers, performing promotional actions and other marketing activities.


Sales increased 4-fold while the website traffic remained unchanged during the first 7 months following the redesign of online store. Sales grew still further by 100% over the next year of working on the project.

Card payments at the stage of checkout now account for more than 70% of online sales.

Sense Production lived up to our high expectations. All the issues arising in the process of development of our website were resolved in a prompt and efficient manner. The updated web design provided for enhanced functionality and adaptability as well as increased online sales.

Aleksandr Koshelyuk Marketing manager at

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