We designed and launched a project from scratch in a matter of 2.5 months


Holding Optical House produces sunglasses and corrective lens. It’s the biggest chair store in Ukraine (Люксоптика, Sunochki, Casta). There is a competent in-house marketing office.

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The holding has created a new stylish brand – Casta glasses. We understand our customers and make all the possible to satisfy them in product packaging, presentations, brand book etc.

Earlier all the sales were only offline, but now the company has decided on creating its’ own e-commerce platform. It isn’t an ordinary online shop; we want to create this project with the most progressive internet marketing approaches.

The most difficult task for the company was to combine the brand image and the convenience of e-commerce product. And it wasn’t easy to coordinate the start of the e-commerce platform with the offline activity.

That’s why Optical House decided on applying to Sense Production. The customer understood that our business processes are tooled and the company can trust us.


Customer’s difficulties, fears and expectations

  1. We had only 2 month for the project.

  2. It’s a big company with many departments, many approaches and many agreements.

  3. The company had been working with another contractor and had received a negative experience.

The customer came to us with an interesting project, great expectations and fears. And these fears were reasonable. What’s about expectations, they were typically. They were looking for professionals, who would translate promises into actions for an agreed price.

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It was a challenge, and we did it!

It was an absolutely new task for us. And there were so many difficulties before we began the project.

  1. So little time. We had to collect and process a very big volume of information. It was not only structuring, but converting it in the instructions.

  2. We must project the design in all the formats (for desktops, smartphones, I-Pads and full HD).

  3. We had to present the products glaringly, but conveniently. It isn’t so easy, because you must choose between beauty and speed.

  4. So many content requirements. All the details were discussed at the beginning of the project. And we had to make all the efforts to do so big volume of work in so little time.

  5. The site must work rapidly. We create it without templates, without WordPress, without ready themes. From Alpha to Omega.

  6. We need to think rapidly, to decide rapidly, to connect with the customer rapidly. It’s the popular problem, when agreeing different questions with a client takes much time.

  7. The data is necessary to share from the customer’s ERP. And data interchange between two different systems is not so fast.

  8. We had to launch the MVP site, and then we must improve the functions of the site and create different original features. And the website visitors didn’t have any inconveniences with the work of the site.

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What are the results?

We did it! Every member of our command worked in coherence with each other and in time.

  1. The client rapidly reacted for all our requests. It’s so nice to work with the customer, who is engaged in the process.

  2. We established very fast data interchange between the site and the customer’s ERP.

  3. We create and approved the design in three weeks.

  4. We create an interesting image product, which lives up to the auditoria’s expectations.

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We could create and launch the project, in which we could balance speed, usability and beauty, only in 2,5 months! As a rule, the beauty of site is not fast, and the speed and the convenience functions aren’t beautiful. But we could create beautiful and rapidly site with convenience functions.

We understood the customer, and the customer understood us. People in Optical House are very qualified.

We want to thank personally Violeta Titarenko, Kseniia Tabaliuk and Svitlana Tereshchenko.


2,5 month, from Alpha to Omega, online shop with its own interface for mobile phone/I-Pad/desktop, with two-sided interchange with 1C.

If you have a brand, an idea, a product, we really can realize it.

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