We created a design for print-on-demand service. In addition, service users were provided with the opportunity to sell their custom printed products

Modern and user-friendly clothing production service – print-on-demand.

Custom Print creates patterns for clothes made from high-quality materials, and offers a choice between blank and premium fabrics. Customers can choose their favorite color, cut, and neckline of the desired item, whether it’s a T-shirt, hoodie, baseball cap or a face mask.

The guys make printed clothing by themselves. They fulfill single-item and bulk orders in an expeditious manner. The company provides emergency printing service for customers that need same-day delivery gifts or those who can’t wait to receive the things they really like.

The website contains more than 200 thousand ready-made prints and leaves plenty of room for creativity. In addition, the company provides designers with an opportunity to receive royalty income from the sale of original art clothing.


— Create ready-to-wear shopping service. It should be stylish rather than look like an ordinary online store.

— Develop a print constructor “Be your own designer” – an opportunity to purchase self-designed clothing.

— Provide an opportunity for independent designers to make money from selling original design ideas on the website.

— Organize the product catalog so that it doesn’t look like a really boring template. Create catalog sections “For cool guys”, “For stylish girls”, “For cheerful children”.

— Create a product selector in the catalog with the help of virtual try-on technology by swiping across the screen.

— Create a booklet containing product care instructions, and link it to product card.


— We developed the concept of print-on-demand selling service from scratch. The guys wanted to provide customers with an opportunity to order T-shirts online, and to enable designers to publish their print designs on the website. It all started with an idea, and we implemented it with the help of technologies.

— Since custom merch is all about creativity, we created a casual design, funny menu, and unusual category names for the website.

— Placed colorful stickers next to each text block to attract attention.

— Created a service description page in the form of separate entertainment landing to make users interested in reading the information.

— Came up with an idea to use the patterns of T-shirts on hangers and people wearing custom merch. Thanks to this idea, we optimized the process of content creation and eliminated the need to take photos of every item.

— Advised our client on content creation processes. Clothes on hangers create a ‘shop window’ effect.

— Enabled users to try on clothes virtually by hovering the mouse pointer over the selected object.

— The clothing measurements pop-up was added to the product card so that the customer can decide whether the item fits him or not.

— Printed clothing is produced in an expeditious manner. Therefore, we installed a rocket icon on the product page to show the estimated time of delivery. In the periods of low workload the icon emphasizes that customer order will be ready for same-day delivery. It’s because the item of clothing goes into production within 20-30 minutes of purchase. In the periods of heavy workload the icon informs that customer order will be ready for next-day delivery.

— Developed a constructor and showed T-shirts of varying quality. Users can assemble a T-shirt or hoodie pattern by themselves, choose a print design, and send it to the printer.

— Designed the desktop and mobile versions of website.


We launched a print constructor, and it’s working successfully. Thanks to this constructor, service users have an additional tool for making money from selling original designs.

Private individuals are using situational content to create T-shirts and face masks featuring political and pandemic memes. They demonstrate the simplicity of running such a business, they achieve success and make money.

My sincere thanks goes to Sense Production for doing a perfect job of creating the design of our project.

This is one of those times when you get more than you expected, when you receive a product that matches your imagination and a bunch of cool ideas to boot :)

Vyacheslav Managing Partner

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