Sales conversion rate has grown 42%, while the bounce rate has decreased by 73% after the launch of redesigned website

This is a true animal lovers club. A reliable and caring online platform was founded by experienced breeders that understand the problems and needs of pets. Their goal is not only to sell goods, but also to serve as a reliable assistant to anyone who loves animals and seeks to improve the life of four-legged and feathered pets.

Website owners advocate for feeding animals with a healthy and balanced diet. That’s why E-Zoo’s product range includes more than 150 Ukrainian and global brands. Certified vitamins, canned food, and dry food of high quality. Playtime products and household accessories for cats, dogs, rodents, reptiles, fish, and birds.

E-Zoo provides assistance in selecting products, offers advice and support seven days a week, ensures prompt delivery at a convenient time.


— Redesign the online store. Many scenarios weren’t thought through.

— Pet food makes up the bulk of goods purchased on this website. It was necessary to demonstrate the available food packaging options, show food calculator based on pet’s weight and discount calculator based on package volume, and distribute this information throughout the website.

— Provide customers with the opportunity to calculate optimal food quantity to avoid pet overfeeding

— Create a user-friendly and intuitive interface.


Sales conversion rate has grown 42% since the launch of redesigned website, the bounce rate has decreased by 73%, revenue has increased by 75%.

They are very cool, definitely the coolest team in Ukraine.

They spoke frankly without using any clichés or finger counting just to show off. Instead, they gained a full understanding of our need.

They produced work of exceptional quality and have been providing support in the process of  further development for 2 years now.

A big thank you from the whole E-zoo team.

Oleg Managing Partner

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