Corporate website of manufacturer of LED-based lighting



Create an image-building corporate website of the manufacturer, deliver an appealing presentation of products in the catalog and inform customers about potential benefits of using these products


Generate a high-quality user traffic on manufacturer’s web store

A few facts about Eurolamp

  • One of the leaders of lighting industry in Ukraine – one in three LED lamps on the territory of Ukraine is sold under the brand name of Eurolamp;
  • Product range includes more than 350 lighting fixtures;
  • More than 2,000 people are involved in production process;
  • Has been operating in the market of Ukraine for 6 years and provides a 10-year warranty for its products


  • Implementation of turnkey project - from development of marketing idea to generation of the entire content for trilingual website
  • Carefully thought-out positioning of well-known offline brand on the website
  • International-level project completed within short timeframes (4.5 months)
  • Development of 5 different calculators intended for calculating savings from switching to LED light sources

Results achieved within 7 months of launching the online store:

  • Online store’s rate of conversion into purchase orders increased by 125%
  • Online sales grew 228% or 3.28 times
  • All of the above was achieved while user traffic increased only by 78%
  • After completion of work on the project some of our employees replaced incandescent light bulbs with LEDs in their houses

Sense Production is a team of professionals who from the very first meeting set themselves the task of immersing in customer’s business activities in order to get a full understanding thereof and satisfy customer’s requirements to the maximum extent.

They take a creative and sound approach to work, which is a rare combination in business.

Guys approached the issue of designing and prototyping in a very intelligent way instead of striving for visual appeal just for the sake of it. All elements of interface are functional and yet visually pleasing. 

Cooperation with Sense Production turned out to be an exceptionally positive experience for us.

Anna Marketing manager at Eurolamp

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