We updated the design of web project and provided follow-up support by implementing small improvements for almost 8 years. Each update led to an increase in sales conversion rate



Update the web design for all devices while retaining loyal customers


Carry out rebranding in order to prevent hypermarket from being associated with photography equipment store

Course of work on web design

We developed a step-by-step plan for redesigning the web pages in order to gradually adapt them to a new web design.

The following web pages were redesigned:

  • Checkout
  • Product catalog
  • Menu (4 levels worked out for 130 000+ products), including header and footer
  • Product card, including all product statuses

Over the course of 2 months, we have been gathering information about user experience on redesigned web pages while also receiving customer feedback and making prompt changes.

The remaining web pages were redesigned in accordance with the above-described procedure.

Course of work on rebranding

We developed several versions of a new logo, conducted A / B testing and came to the conclusion that any of the new versions yields better financial results as compared to the old logo. In the course of additional testing we opted for the version with the highest user response rate.

New logo was supplemented with a slogan containing a reference to the old brand name “FOTOS” in order to ensure a smoother transition.

  • F.ua - the very same store (main slogan)
  • F.ua - the very same Fotos.ua (slogan for transition period)


When updating the web design we took due account of all behavioral scenarios for regular users and ensured a smooth transition to a new web design.

The updated web design remains intuitively comprehensible to existing users, while new users find it modern looking and easy to use. We made efficient use of A / B testing method in order to increase website’s conversion rate.

Website’s conversion rate for mobile users has doubled thanks to updates in the adaptive web design. According to IT-rating awards, F.ua was recognized as the best adaptive website in 2018.

Guys from Sense Production had been studying the internal business processes and algorithms of our online store for about 3 months. They examined customer complaints as well as different scenarios of regular users’ behavior and did their best to take due account of my wishes, preferences and observations.

As a result, they offered a comprehensive solution to our issue.

Another very important quality - the guys always get the job done. Although sometimes this doesn’t happen as fast as we would like.

Dmitriy Pokotilo Managing partner at F.ua

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