Finscanner allows you to select and order financial services from anywhere in the world. Finscanner is based on the simple idea that financial products should be available to everyone through one simple and user-friendly interface accessible on all devices around the world.


If you are in the process of purchasing an insurance policy, it is often difficult to make the right choice. You need to choose an insurance company, review policy conditions, go to the company office to conclude a contract or buy insurance on the website that is often inconvenient and outdated. When it comes to OSAGO policy, it is also important not to forget about renewing your car insurance. Therefore, we were faced with the task of simplifying and automating the process of purchasing insurance, making it as fast and as comprehensible as possible.


The client approached us with an interesting idea. We used it as a basis for developing a system that offers a whole new level of quality of insurance services. We created a logical structure of online service and implemented all of its “work mechanics”: offer comparison and selection tool; step-by-step purchase and receipt of service by the customer. We visualized the checkout process with the help of easy-to-understand illustrations and reduced it to three simple steps: enter information, choose an insurance company and view its ratings, make a purchase.

“My Insurance Policies” tab was implemented on the “My Account” page where customers can view their car fleets. The notification system sends a reminder in the form of an SMS or email message in advance of the insurance expiration date. This is very convenient for those who own a large fleet of vehicles and find it difficult to track their insurance status manually. This feature is especially useful to Finscanner’s corporate clients such as Uber Ukraine or Bolt.

It's always a pleasure to partner with the company who cares about the final product and it's result.

I also prefer when partner can say "no" and defend a position helping us not to go to the wrong direction.

During a year of cooperation my favorite part is the brain storm session involving them.

Cooperation with Sense Production is highly recommended by Finscanner.

Andrei Kolomiets Managing partner at

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