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Mirasvit is the world’s leading provider of Magento extensions. For 13 years, the company has been supporting businesses in 125 countries to make their online stores more convenient and user-friendly, increase their efficiency and income.


The main problem with the website design was that it didn’t reflect the true competitive advantages of the company. The client wanted to highlight all the product strengths, create a user-friendly navigation system, place an emphasis on high-quality support. Demonstrate social proof in the form of user reviews of the product and the work of the company as a whole. Personalize the website and convey a sense of real human interaction to online users.


We developed a striking design with branded features that can compete successfully with the current market trends. Intuitively comprehensible icons and illustrations provide simplified navigation and content perception.

The website’s homepage displays social proof in the form of product reviews, indicating the number and geography of purchases made by a particular customer. It also demonstrates the actual level of customer satisfaction with technical support which is evaluated on the basis of 100 latest reviews.

We created a user-friendly sorting system for the product catalog. The discount amount is made visible to customers when purchasing several modules, as well as the rating and reviews of a particular product. We also developed a global navigation for the product card, highlighted the main advantages of the product and locked them at the top of the page.

We personalized the website, told the company’s story on behalf of its founders and presented the team of professionals that are working on the project. As a result, the clients have the impression that they are interacting with live and interesting people, even in the online mode.

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