Conversion rate has grown 27%, while the number of sales transactions has increased by 48% within a month after project launch

RetroMagaz is a business owned by like-minded gamers. The company has established itself as one of the leaders in its market niche within three years and continues to increase the sale of games, consoles, accessories and themed products for gamers.


The company’s website was built on a primitive CMS using template-based solutions. The client wanted to differentiate his company from other market players, create unique web design and optimize the work of online store. Inconvenient site navigation prevented users from quickly finding the necessary products when choosing from a large assortment, many basic functions were working incorrectly, and the company’s services were not presented in a proper manner. Most importantly, website users didn’t get the impression that they are in their gaming element, they didn’t feel understood here, nor did they feel like a part of gaming culture.


First of all, we carried out work aimed at improving the usability of company’s website. The menu and homepage were redesigned to display a list of games for different consoles with a breakdown by genre, which makes it easier to find the most popular product group. We also developed an interactive guide – a game selection wizard where users can get advice on choosing a suitable product in just a few simple steps.

In addition, different types of product catalogs and cards with special features and highlighted benefits were created for various groups of products.

We developed a global navigation system for the product card as well as special navigation through different versions of one product item. The ‘checkout’ block works according to one of the following three scenarios: purchase of a new product, purchase of the same product in ‘previously used’ condition, and rental of the product. The feedback system not only shows you the ratings and customer reviews of the game, but also allows you to see other games purchased by that same customer, or basically recommendations from real users.

In parallel, we carried out work on development of corporate style and identity. The newly developed identity reinforced the feeling of a unique gaming atmosphere: bright colors, pixel art, large product thumbnails. We used a non-standard blue color for website background with an option to switch to a more traditional light color scheme.


Conversion rate has grown 27%, while the number of sales transactions has increased by 48% within a month after project launch.

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