Increase premium headphone sales


Improve site structure and navigation


Communicate business strengths

What was done

Thought out navigation and menu. Created custom pages (company, shipping and payment). Formulated the benefits and broadcast them on the site. Simplified the process of ordering and created a Thanksgiving page to increase the average check.

In addition to updating the design and improving the functionality of the site, the 3D Viewer chip was offered and fully implemented, which allows you to consider the headphone model on an interactive animated banner. Just hold the mouse cursor over the banner, and the model will turn your head, showing them from different angles.

This decision has greatly increased the sale of premium headphones, which are often chosen for the image component.

This is not just another website development company. They know how to highlight your business strengths like no other web developer and they make your website look unique and recognizable. I won't say much more than that, simply visit my website and see everything for yourself.

Vadym Vazhinsii Founder of Soundmag.ua

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