The company’s online store has surpassed all of its offline outlets in terms of turnover and profit within 3 years from the date of project launch, while increasing online sales revenue every year

A jewelry house that sets the trends in global fashion industry. This is one of the fastest growing Ukrainian brands.

SOVA is a large-scale production enterprise where the creation of each new item begins with a thorough analysis of worldwide trends and customer demands.

Every line is important in jewelry. Experienced specialists of jewelry house are sure of it. This is why each collection has its own story and concept.

It takes ten people and seven days to make one piece of jewelry. The company employs more than 100 people, while its network consists of 21 stores.

Each employee is an integral part of cohesive system. This is a strong team of designers, artists, managers who work hard to maintain a distinctive and recognizable visual style. The company collaborates with famous people and creative individuals.


— Build a website that looks more like an eye-catching shop window with non-intrusive presentation of product prices

— Move away from technically sophisticated traditional design, set up an online shop in the form of a magazine to emphasize the corporate style and identity

— Design a simple and intuitive interface

— Develop a user-friendly filtering tool to filter products by size and material

— Add a new option that enables users to sort by product availability in stores

— Create the ‘My Account’ section, where regular customers will be able to view their purchase history


— Moved away from the classic format of online store, and created a website in the form of stylish product catalog.

— Removed the side filter bar to create aesthetically pleasing pages and make them look like a magazine, emphasized the ‘deliciousness’ of each product. As it turned out, there is no need to display a large number of filters, because only a few parameters are required to choose jewelry: size, metal type and color.

— Changed the way of presenting products. Enlarged certain items to move away from monotony. This allowed us to enhance the dynamic performance, eliminate the scanning effect and thereby avoid losing users’ attention.

— Placed the items on product card according to the principle of central symmetry to make them more visually appealing.

— Figured out how to add items without having to fill up the website. For this purpose, we embedded Instagram photos of items on the website, while indicating the item numbers on Instagram in advance.

— Information about warranty and free jewelry cleaning service was added to product cards.

— Developed the structure of product catalog broken down by collection, created a categorical structure.

— Simplified the checkout process.

— Created the ‘My account’ section to facilitate omni-channel retail, thereby providing customers with the opportunity to shop online and offline as well as keep track of purchase history.


In just three years, the company’s online store has surpassed all of its offline outlets in terms of turnover and profit, while increasing online sales revenue every year.

It all started with working to a very tight schedule and launching the online store for retail chain SOVA within a period of 3 months. Sense Production accepted the challenge and plunged headlong in the project to the point of gaining personal experience in purchasing from our chain store to get the feel and make sense of it.

As a result, we received a truly high-quality and well-thought-out product, and we continue our cooperation to further improve it.

Andrew Onoprienko Head of E-commerce

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