In 2013, we set ourselves an ambitious goal of implementing the best ecommerce project in Belarus. In order to achieve this goal, we required support from a team of experienced web developers and designers capable of delivering excellent results within short timeframes. Sense Production team proved to be just the one we needed.

I recall how the guys helped us survive our first Black Friday when our server went down due to a huge influx of customers. Sense Production got into gear immediately and handled the situation right to the end, thus preventing the loss of precious traffic during these days.

Special mention should be made of Sense Production’s vast experience in their area of expertise. They had one or several ready-made solutions for almost every task we gave them. On more than one occasion the company offered us several web designs at once which would then undergo A / B testing in order to determine the best solution.

The only improvement I would like to make in our cooperation is the introduction of twenty-four-hour service :)

Artur Levitan Managing partner at

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