We provide consulting services in the following cases:

Creative crisis - how to generate new ideas if they don’t come into your head?

Negotiations - how to come to an agreement among yourselves or with other parties?

Anti-crisis management - what should be done if you don’t know what to do, or if a 3-month period of project implementation lasts for a year.

Acquire competencies:

  • Get up to speed on web content management systems.
    How to choose them correctly? What are the risks?
  • Use customer attraction and retention channels correctly.
    Using them correctly means employing a user-oriented approach. For example, SPAM is not a user-oriented approach.

Focus on financial performance

Have you ever experienced difficulties with generating fresh ideas over a long period of time? Are you tired of considering and choosing between various options or you feel the need for a detached view?

And maybe you are thinking about what users on the site are doing and what they like most about my site?

Perhaps you have some well-thought-out solutions, but you don’t know which one to choose?

The project you wanted to launch within the space of 3 months stretched for the whole year.

Or you just don’t know how to work with a web designer and copywriter. You hired them, but for some reason they don’t give the desired result.

What do we do?

We request information from you (what are your goals).

We analyze the information...

We give our well-reasoned opinion and answer your questions.

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