UX/UI design

We design from scratch or change the site so as not to interfere with the visitor to make an order. That the correct words and pictures were in their places.

Every day, a certain number of people come to your site. How many of them become your customers? And where do the rest go?

Most (about 95-99%) of visitors do not reach the sale. For some reason they leave your site without buying anything.

What to do with it? First of all, it is necessary to understand the reasons why users do not reach the purchase. Understand why this is how they behave on your site.

One of the most common problems is the design of the site and its convenience. According to the experience of projects implemented by us, there are a number of main reasons:

  • The complexity of the search for goods (services)
  • Information porridge that confuses the user
  • Key purchase objections have not been identified or developed.
  • No selection of main selling items
  • User-unfamiliar design solutions

To solve all these problems, we have developed a process to develop or improve user experience on your site.

Audience analysis

We understand the motives of your target audience of the store, we work with its fears and objections. Based on all the data, we compile scripts of user behavior that reflect the logic and functionality of the key elements of the pages.

Prioritization in the design of pages

Determine where and how to place the most important content and how to avoid the rivalry of individual elements of the page for the user's attention

Design and design

We are preparing a new solution at the design level, we select the optimal combinations of colors, fonts and styles, we place key accents within the framework of the existing design.

Testing and making adjustments

All pages are divided into functional blocks (independent parts that can affect the behavior of users and, as a consequence - the marketing indicators of the site).

The quality of operation of such units is consistently tested using the A / B test. Based on the test results, we make the necessary adjustments.

As a result, you get a user-friendly site, made entirely for the needs of the target audience.

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