Organic traffic conversion rate has grown 34%, while the bounce rate has decreased by 18% after the launch of redesigned website

Luxoptica is the largest and most caring network of optical stores in Ukraine. Its product range includes more than 100 world fashion brands as well as in-house brands of eyeglasses and spectacle frames – a source of particular pride for the network. For more than 26 years, Luxoptica has been helping people see the world clearly and in color.


Our main task was to increase the rate of website conversion into real sales. It was necessary to improve usability, think out the behavioral scenarios for different target groups, minimize the difficulties experienced by users during product selection and checkout. There was also a problem with finding information and selecting related products on the website. The services provided by the company were not displayed to users.


Based on the results of analysis of the behavioral patterns of users, we optimized the information architecture of the project and redesigned the website to meet the needs of end users. We also simplified the product search and filtering tools on the website, and the loyalty program was made visible to regular customers.

Another key aspect of our work was to show that Luxoptica is a large team of seasoned professionals and competent consultants. We developed a mechanism for booking a doctor’s appointment online with an option to select a specific medical specialist on the basis of his/her qualifications. We optimized the search engine to search for optical stores in different cities: in the list and on the map. Communication was made visible to the public in a website section where ordinary users ask questions and receive answers from a doctor or other competent employee. This made it possible to display all the company’s additional services to customers and simplify the process of obtaining necessary information prior to purchase or during use of the product.

Since the website is frequently used by people with visual impairments, we carried out work to select the optimal font styles and increase the font size.


Organic traffic conversion rate has grown 34% after the launch of redesigned website, while the bounce rate has decreased by 18%.


A customer-oriented company that takes a flexible approach to each client even when working under tight deadlines. They delve into the product and business processes to create a website built to perfection.

Dmitriy Deulin Head of eСommerce

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