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We think out the concept of brand image and place it on the most effective media
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Does your brand have a recognizable identity that has become outdated over time? We understand your concerns and your unwillingness to make any changes in visual style and naming, but sometimes this is critically important. In addition to technical stuffing of your website, we can find the best branding solution which:

  • will retain the existing customers;
  • will be relevant to current reality;
  • will preserve the brand idea and values.

In the process of identity development, we are looking for solutions to address our client’s tasks. If you are focused on online sales, we will take it into account by making an adaptive logo and color palette. After all, what seems beautiful and convenient on the desktop version of your website doesn’t always seem that way on the mobile version. We will create an overall picture of your brand, because every contact with the target audience is an opportunity. Your social media content and website banners should become a simple jigsaw puzzle that can be easily put together by your customers.

Our team is not limited to working with online platforms, we can transfer your brand identity to any offline media – from packaging to metro light panels.

Here are some examples of how we updated the visual style of our clients:

In the case of cinema and theater equipment company, we created a concise and recognizable brand book that can be adapted to any format. This includes a complete set of ready-made solutions for internal (corporate gifts, stationery products, uniform, email signatures) and external communication (Google banners, packaging elements, outdoor advertising and delivery vehicle design). Our task was to fully update the corporate identity, so we explored and developed all the possible media options.

In the case of marketplace “Repka”, we developed a corporate identity and focused on making the most adaptive logo design. The logo remained recognizable but became more suitable for all sales channels. Such an identity can be easily implemented in corporate merch, store design elements, store sign, and other physical media. You can see it here:

RetroMagaz is a bright example of how visual identity conveys the brand spirit and values. The online shop for gamers approached us with a request to refresh their corporate style. Our team was tasked to update the existing elements without losing brand recognition. What things are familiar to every gamer and anyone who plays video games once in a while? Exactly! Pixels, gamepad icons and VR game elements. The result of our work is a mixture of nostalgic and modern game world that gives an answer to the question “What can I buy here?” at first glance.


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