Mail marketing

Personal communication with the client by mail the purpose of which is to build relationships and profit

There are such types of direct mail systems

  • transaction letters (triggers)
  • club mailings
  • alert mailing
  • global newsletter
  • case study
  • warming newsletter
  • distribution by product category

We develop an e-mail concept and terms of reference, implement and get results.

Marketing concept

  • How will the process of communication with the client?
  • What objections will be processed? “No need to change spam, entertain me!”
  • The concept should be based on real, objective facts and data:
    - all sellers and managers who communicate directly with customers are interviewed
    - The possibilities of the store are being explored - what kind of gift, discount or service can you offer to potential customers?
    - are the trends and slang of the audience in which the triggers will work?
  • The goal of the concept is to give the copywriter a foothold, set the direction of his thoughts and receive letters that will cling to his target body as a result.

Copywriting and marketing is half the job. The second half is the logic of the work.

With the help of "live" copywriting, we achieve a full-fledged "presence effect". This is not the usual "newsletter" (which anyone reads), but personal, personalized letters.

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