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Mail marketing

Personal communication with the client by mail the purpose of which is to build relationships and profit
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Do you think that nobody opens your emails simply because email marketing is an outdated sales channel? It may be so, if you treat it as a special offer letter delivered to a specific customer twice a month.

Before you send an email, always ask yourself this question: “Am I spamming my clients right now?” Nobody likes spam. Even the most loyal customers stop reading emails if they contain nothing but promo offers. Direct Mail is not worth spending money on without a compelling trigger.

Many began to think of customer’s email box as a sinkhole that swallows everything with no hope of a return, and here is why:

Ponder the following questions: What do you know about your clients? What kind of relationship do you have with them, if any? If you don’t have clear answers to these questions, your email will get lost in a customer’s inbox.

If you choose and execute the right communication strategy, your store will be regarded as a useful friend who wants to help customers rather than bore them to death. A significant role in email correspondence is played by a copywriter who reaches out to your clients using the power of words and well-written technical specifications. Email subject line, form of address, and tone of voice can ruin your customer relationships at the very beginning or take them to a new level. No matter how romantic it may sound.

We stand against stealing time from your customers. We stand for friendly informative emails.

You might think it’s just our subjective opinion, but our clients took a smart approach to mail marketing and achieved the following results:

  • $2,000 earned by a small electronics store using emails in just 2 weeks during the low season;
  • $5,200 earned by a kitchenware store with an average purchase amount of $50;
  • Every fourth customer that opened an email eventually made a purchase.

So, are you going to keep ignoring Direct Mail?



increase in the transaction rate after project launch


increase in the sales conversion rate

Mail marketing

increase in the transaction rate after project launch


increase in the number of website users

Mail marketing

Increased organic traffic conversion rate


The number of transactions has increased (we compared statistics a year before and after the launch of all new functions)

Mail marketing

increase in organic traffic conversion rate


decrease in bounce rate

Mail marketing
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