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One great sensei once said: “Remember, my friend, never use “fried potatoes recipe” as a keyword to drive traffic to your online store if you are selling fry pans, otherwise you will get into trouble”. Maybe this is not the exact wording, but we get the point and always follow this rule – we draw a distinction between commercial and information traffic.

It’s true that you can generate an incredibly high volume of traffic, if your website is made entirely of keywords, but will it be relevant? Maybe it would be better to offer your customers a detergent, a spatula or a spice set for potato dishes? They will really appreciate such attention to detail.

We do a keyword research to identify the key search terms for different target audiences, which not only increases the number of website visitors, but also brings more business profits to our clients.

One of our client cases is an online store of disposable products. This marketplace used to run multiple websites selling different product lines on different domains. We were faced with the task of transferring all of them to chila.ua  without losing any traffic. Our solution was as follows:

  • development of product categories on a new website that don’t overlap with the categories on the old one in order to generate more traffic. While the old store continued to sell its usual assortment of goods, we developed a new one which significantly increased the conversion rate as early as the initial stage. We managed to retain the existing customers and attract new ones.
  • the old and new websites frequently appeared next to each other in search results, and the search engine could notice that this is basically one and the same store. We didn’t try to prevent it but used different promotion techniques. Eventually, this helped us get more organic conversions after the merger of websites.

As a result, the website migration process went as smoothly as possible, conversion rate from organic traffic reached 7.36% in the first weeks of our work, and the client proudly occupied one of the top 9 spots on the list of trending products (nitrile gloves) at a certain point.

The development of SEO marketing strategy is as important as anything else. We are not aiming for random one-time sales. Our main goal is to increase repeat purchase rate, attract more loyal customers, and boost sales through up-selling.



increase in the transaction rate after project launch


increase in the number of website users

E-commerce SEO

increase in the transaction rate after project launch


increase in the sales conversion rate

E-commerce SEO

Increased organic traffic conversion rate


The number of transactions has increased (we compared statistics a year before and after the launch of all new functions)

E-commerce SEO

Over the past 3 years, the online store has been a twofold increase in income


The company’s online store has surpassed all of its offline outlets in terms of turnover and profit

E-commerce SEO
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