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We extract true value out of the product and convey it to the other side of the screen

The idea of identifying customer needs and selling products that meet their requirements forms the basis of good marketing strategy. This shouldn’t necessarily be the most expensive, fashionable and newest product but one that fully satisfies your customer’s request. Proper marketing strategy evokes a human emotion of feeling cared for. Marketing leverage and techniques are designed to ensure that a person makes a decision in your favor and doesn’t feel cheated afterwards. You can always influence the customer’s decision, but it is very important to play a fair game so that the customer returns to your store rather than regrets making a purchase.

It is important to highlight the value of your brand, pack it in a format understandable to the target audience, and convey it to end users through various communication channels.

Email marketing, contextual advertising, promotion through organic SEO, proper use of visual techniques. These tools will help build and maintain customer interaction with the company.

It is important not only to sell something but also to give certain emotions to the customer. Restaurants put on a wine tasting show that ‘lights up the bulbs’ in human brain, leading to activation of taste receptors. After witnessing such a spectacle, restaurant visitors are ready not only to taste everything but also to take home a bottle or two.

Or take, for example, a test drive of a car. The scent of a new-car interior and the softness of leather seats will leave a lasting impression. Once you feel the full power of the engine, you simply won’t be able to sleep until you become the owner of this car. The same thing happens on the Internet. Properly selected tools will convey the right message to users, increase their interest in your product or service, give them a pleasant experience, thereby turning them into loyal customers.

We have extensive experience working with different brands ranging from pet supplies to household appliances and smart products, and we know exactly which channels are the best ones to use in each particular case. We can create an offer and pack it with due account  for the unique features of your business. We will think out a loyalty program and the mechanics of promo actions, come up with a cross-sell or up-sell strategy based on your current request. We will provide assistance in setting up a regular newsletter. We will analyze the website content in terms of its relevance and make updates, if necessary.

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What our customers say about us

Dmitriy Deulin

Head of eСommerce


A customer-oriented company that takes a flexible approach to each client even when working under tight deadlines. They delve into the product and business processes to create a website built to perfection.

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Managing Partner

They are very cool, definitely the coolest team in Ukraine.

They spoke frankly without using any clichés or finger counting just to show off. Instead, they gained a full understanding of our need.

They produced work of exceptional quality and have been providing support in the process of  further development for 2 years now.

A big thank you from the whole E-zoo team.

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Managing Partner

My sincere thanks goes to Sense Production for doing a perfect job of creating the design of our project.

This is one of those times when you get more than you expected, when you receive a product that matches your imagination and a bunch of cool ideas to boot :)

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Andrew Onoprienko

Head of E-commerce

It all started with working to a very tight schedule and launching the online store for retail chain SOVA within a period of 3 months. Sense Production accepted the challenge and plunged headlong in the project to the point of gaining personal experience in purchasing from our chain store to get the feel and make sense of it.

As a result, we received a truly high-quality and well-thought-out product, and we continue our cooperation to further improve it.

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Andrei Kolomiets

Managing partner at

It's always a pleasure to partner with the company who cares about the final product and it's result.

I also prefer when partner can say "no" and defend a position helping us not to go to the wrong direction.

During a year of cooperation my favorite part is the brain storm session involving them.

Cooperation with Sense Production is highly recommended by Finscanner.

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Dmitriy Latansky

Co-founder at

I would like to thank Sense Production e-commerce agency for developing a new brandbook and designing a new website for us.

Those who have experience working with me already know that I am a meticulous and demanding customer. Far from everybody succeeded in cooperating  with me. Sense Production team managed to do just that! They did a great job in a timely manner with due consideration of all my wishes and without asking for all the money in the world.

I highly recommend working with Sense Production e-commerce agency!

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Anton Rudenko

Project manager at

The process of designing and creation of our website was proceeding slower than expected. However, this is the price you pay for well-planned and high-quality work that Sense Production has been performing and continues to perform for us.

If you’re looking for someone to entrust with implementation of a challenging project, then look no further than this company.

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Marketing manager at Eurolamp

Sense Production is a team of professionals who from the very first meeting set themselves the task of immersing in customer’s business activities in order to get a full understanding thereof and satisfy customer’s requirements to the maximum extent.

They take a creative and sound approach to work, which is a rare combination in business.

Guys approached the issue of designing and prototyping in a very intelligent way instead of striving for visual appeal just for the sake of it. All elements of interface are functional and yet visually pleasing. 

Cooperation with Sense Production turned out to be an exceptionally positive experience for us.

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Manager of e-commerce projects at MAXI

Sense Production resolved all our business issues related to creating an interface for our website.

I give a high rating to the results of Sense Production’s work. The company demonstrated an excellent level of management. This was especially noticeable in view of extremely tight deadlines and 2-hour time difference between Kyiv and Baku.

Therefore, we are very pleased with the quality of work performed by Sense Production.

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Aleksandr Koshelyuk

Marketing manager at

Sense Production lived up to our high expectations. All the issues arising in the process of development of our website were resolved in a prompt and efficient manner. The updated web design provided for enhanced functionality and adaptability as well as increased online sales.

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Dmitriy Pokotilo

Managing partner at

Guys from Sense Production had been studying the internal business processes and algorithms of our online store for about 3 months. They examined customer complaints as well as different scenarios of regular users’ behavior and did their best to take due account of my wishes, preferences and observations.

As a result, they offered a comprehensive solution to our issue.

Another very important quality - the guys always get the job done. Although sometimes this doesn’t happen as fast as we would like.

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Vadym Vazhinsii

Founder of

This is not just another website development company. They know how to highlight your business strengths like no other web developer and they make your website look unique and recognizable. I won't say much more than that, simply visit my website and see everything for yourself.

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