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Digital Marketing

We extract true value out of the product and convey it to the other side of the screen
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Let’s imagine a perfect purchase on your website, shall we?

Let’s go. A customer enters a keyword in a search engine and finds the link to your website at the top of the list of search results. They immediately go to the desired product page, they like the product description, reviews and visual appearance. It takes only two clicks for them to get to the shopping cart where they immediately make a purchase and pay for it. Moreover, they buy an add-on item, leave their contact details for delivery purposes and agree to receive marketing emails with best offers tailored for them.

You have to admit it sounds like a song. It’s like a dream come true for anyone selling goods online. This is how a sale is made when everything goes smoothly at each stage: your SEO expert drew up the best product description, your advertising specialist optimized the costs and took first place on Google search results. The photographer tenaciously worked to create awesome content and made your product look amazing. The product is described in detail without the fluff. Well done, copywriter! UI elements are begging to be clicked, UX/UI designer is a real talent. When the purchase has been complete, the customer receives a wonderful thank-you letter telling them that the store is already packing the ordered goods.

This chain of well-orchestrated actions by project team is what we call Digital Marketing where every detail matters. If you remove one link from this chain, the entire mechanism will simply break down.

We carefully analyze every step of the buyer journey funnel and identify the areas that need some tweaking and improvement. We know every comma and pixel inside out. We research your market, competitive landscape, target audience, and provide the best solutions to promote your product on the Internet.



Over the past 3 years, the online store has been a twofold increase in income


The company’s online store has surpassed all of its offline outlets in terms of turnover and profit

Digital Marketing

increase in the transaction rate after project launch


increase in the number of website users

Digital Marketing

increase in organic traffic conversion rate


decrease in bounce rate

Digital Marketing

increase in the transaction rate after project launch


increase in the sales conversion rate

Digital Marketing

Increased organic traffic conversion rate


The number of transactions has increased (we compared statistics a year before and after the launch of all new functions)

Digital Marketing
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